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Georgia School of Construction(GSC) is a dba of ATSNETWORK-GEORGIA, LLC a Nevada corporation registered as a foreign corporation in the state of Georgia. GSC was started 2005 as a cooperative effort by Associated Training Services of Nevada, LLC owned by Matt Klabacka and Garry Hayes and Associated Training Services of Wisconsin.

The Georgia School of Construction is a dba of ATSNETWORK-GEORGIA, LLC a Nevada corporation registered as a foreign corporation in the state of Georgia.

The owner of GSC is ATS-USA, LLC a Nevada LLC with Matt Klabacka the majority owner. Mr Klabacka has other educational interests as described below.

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, LLC is a limited liability company registered in the state of Nevada. Common ownership of NAHETS and NAHETS member schools owned and operated by ATS-USA, LLC are as follows:

  • ATSNETWORK-OKLAHOMA, LLC; dba, Oklahoma College of Construction & Red Rock College
  • ATSNETWORK-GEORGIA, LLC; dba, Georgia School of Construction
  • Northern California School of Construction, LLC; dba, Peak College
  • It has been understood, from inception, that membership in NAHETS may consist exclusively of schools owned by ATS-USA, LLC due to:

  • Limits in competition
  • Resistance from peers who may view NAHETS as a competitor
  • Lack of understanding of NAHETS mission
  • Previous relationships with a major competitors, namely Associated Training Services, ATS, and ATS Affiliates
  • Historical evidence of the industry resistance to associate together.
  • Early Years

    Georgia School of Construction began in August of 2006. The early years of the the School began with three levels of training in heavy equipment operations and became an Accredited Training Sponsor of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

    In 2007 ATS-USA, LLC became sole owner of GSC and purchased the company. The early years of the the School began with three levels of training in heavy equipment operations and became an Accredited Training Sponsor of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). In 2006 the school began training in mobile crane and shortly thereafter became an approved testing site for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators NCCCO

    Within two years GSC voluntarily elected to discontinue it's accreditation status with NCCER due to the owners perceived lack of a national certification recognition from employers with regards to the NCCER certification. This is not to say that NCCER lacked in quality, on the contrary. The quality was there however the benefit to the student was not being realized, and thus the decision to discontinue with NCCER was made.

    Additionally, the school realized that "accreditation", from an entity not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education(ED), could be mis-understood by the educational community.

    Current Affairs

    From it's inception, GSC has desired to pursue accreditation recognized by ED. Accreditation takes time and patience and GSC is in pursuit of national accreditation from one of the national accreditation bodies recognized by ED listed here,.

    GSC anticipates applying for accreditation during calendar year 2011, with final approval in early 2012. This would allow previous graduates the privilege of graduating from an "accredited" institution, due to the retroactice nature of accreditation.

    Institutional Mission

    The mission of Georgia School of Construction to provide viable entry level occupational education, to a consistent population of qualified individuals.

    Our Purpose

    To achieve its mission, Georgia School of Construction strives to:

    • Maintain its focus on learning and its commitment to continuous improvement of student learning and teaching effectiveness.
    • Promoter ready-to-achieve learning experiences that result in demonstrated competencies.
    • Provide students hands-on, industry-related, problem-solving experiences that model the professional environment.
    • Encourage students to become life-long learners as well as life-long contributors to themselves, their families, their profession, and society.
    • Ensure quality customer service; and give students a sensitive and motivating learning campus of supportive services in career planning, academic advising to improve the students’ probability of success.
    • Maintain current and relevant programs through active participation with the business community; this interaction is conducted through our advisory boards and faculty improvement, and enables Georgia School of Construction to identify and deploy timely curriculum and equipment improvements in our training programs.
    • Provide an environment that is conducive to professional growth, encouraging the faculty and administrative team to engage in scholarly and professional activities that support the School’s mission and the needs of its students, industry and community.
    • Select faculty with demonstrated industry experience, and teaching qualifications to deliver current and relevant education.

    Core Values

    • Honesty

      – Adhering to strong moral and ethical principles in all we do.

    • Responsibility

      – Using responsibly, preserving, and enhancing human and material resources.

    • Compassion

      – Responding to the feelings and needs of each person with kindness, concern, and empathy.

    • Fairness

      – Communicating and working with others for the benefit of all.

    • Respect

      – Recognizing and valuing the dignity and uniqueness of every person.

    Certificate Training

    GSC has been offering career education since 2006. Graduates are prepared for entry level employment positions that are the first steps toward successful careers in heavy equipment operations fields.

    Degree Program

    Our degree program is designed to provide graduates with the necessary entry level operator skills and at the same time provide the student with a degree diploma that will enhance the graduates chances at upward mobility on the corporate side of the construction.

    In other words, the operating skills are designed as the first step to employment in the field operating equipment, and the degree side is designed construction executives started our in the field hammering nails and operating heavy equipment. Every construction project begins with moving dirt. Many construction managers and exIt is a great combination of skills and knowledge the many managers, business owners, successful construction companies begin with.

    A Community of Support and Student Services

    At GSC, we are committed to providing you with the support and encouragement you need to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals. That's why from the initial point of contact through application, admission, enrollment, graduation and beyond, you'll be assisted and mentored one on one by trained, dedicated professionals.

    See the Difference a Small School Can Make

    If you have goals and dreams working the earth with heavy equipment, we think you will like it here... and now is a great time to get started!

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